A sudden urge to go to the Park woke her up. It was an ancient forest untouched by Human hands that spread on hundreds of miles about ten minutes away from her home. 

They drove her there but were asked to leave her alone and come back by lunchtime. 

Once she couldn't hear the roaring of the engine nor the wheels on the uneven track, she melted from her wheelchair and crawled towards a cradle of leaves surrounded by a crown of majestic trees.

She rolled with pain on her back and opened her arms on both sides down to the ground as to offer herself to the magnificence of mother nature. She didn't know what she was doing but she sensed her inner wisdom had driven her to this wealthy and luxuriant vegetation. Lying in the shape of a horizontal cross, her body welcomed the nurturing immensity of the Universe. Her gaze towards the upper branches of the trees, she could observe their silent and almost imperceptible swirling around the shining light of life.

Despite this apparent immobility, some leaves came dancing down onto her treacherous body covering it with a multitude of shades and smells. She couldn't feel her legs but she could perceive the energy of the Earth nurishing her soul with hope and love. The entire surrounding was whispering unuttered prayers of healing.

The cold and dampness of the forest soil should have frozen her to the bones but instead the palms of her hands were burning with life.

She felt dizzy, not by the weakness resulting from her disease but by the wellness brought by this natural concert of life which offered her the utmost sensation of unity, the profound awareness of being one with the whole natural world.

Her body and her soul were experiencing their belonging to the Universe : each cell, each atom recognizing its common origin with those surrounding it. This feeling overwhelmed her and she now knew for sure that there was an eternity beyond her mortal fate.

Her soul cherished this present time perceiving its true immortal nature.

They came back at lunch time.

They thought she was dead.

There were wrong.

She had never been so alive in her whole life.

She was alive, more than ever.

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